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What We Do

FreeMyCV is a free CV distribution service

When you sign up to FreeMyCV, we take your CV and details, and distribute them to the major job sites. We also distribute to more specialised job boards, based on your skills.

We increase your chances of finding a job

By targeting appropriate job boards and recruitment agencies, we leave you less work to do. Fill out our one form and leave the rest to us.


Where does my CV get sent?

We will send your CV to partnered jobs websites, selected based on your job requirements. If you require specific work in a particular industry, our service will distribute your CV to niche job sites that match your requirements. For more general job needs, we may send your CV to some of the larger, general job websites.

How many sites will you register me with?

We will match your job seeking needs with no more than 10 of the leading general and industry specialist sites in the UK.

Who are your partner job sites?

Our partnered sites are trusted clients of who have agreed to receive the CVs we send them. They are a mixture of some of the leading industry names, to smaller niche sites which deal with specific job titles that may be more specialist than the categories on larger jobs websites.

What if I’m already registered with some jobs websites?

No problem! FreeMyCV is set up to disallow any sites that your details are already registered on, so you will not be re-registered on a site you are already signed up to.

How will I know where you have sent my CV?

Initially, you will receive an email confirming all the sites we have sent your CV to. Following that, you can always log in from our site and see the same information

How does FreeMyCV work?

We have built a bespoke custom integration system, to help reduce the amount of time job seekers need to spend uploading their details to various job boards.

Do I need to fill in all of the information?

Some sites require more details than others to submit your CV. So, the more information you can suply us with, the more sites we will be able to send to.

What happens if I need to update my CV?

Simply use your login details that we supplied you with upon registration and you will be able to update and amend any details you wish. When a profile is updated, our system will notify us and we will submit your site to all our new partnered sites.

What happens once I have completed the form?

When you have completed your form, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know the sites that we have registered you with. They will now have your CV and contact details enabling them to contact you directly regarding any job opportunities.

Will my CV be sent to other places after the initial process is complete?

Yes, your CV will be sent to all new jobs websites matching your needs that come on board with us within 4 weeks of your registration. You will always be notified of all extra sites your details will be registered to, as and when this happens.


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